What We Stand For

At Coastal Homes, we recognise that building homes is forever changing

New standards, technologies and techniques continue to push the boundaries of residential construction, and while we embrace such change, there are just some things that for us simply stay the same. We call these our “non-negotiables,” these are our fundamental principles that drive who we are, what we stand for and how we deliver – our promise to all.

At Coastal Homes, our philosophy is not based on quick turn-over, it’s driven by brand recognition and then supported by the very principles listed above; honesty, accountability, and a constant focus on quality in all that we do. ALWAYS.

Always True

Being True is about honesty and integrity. It’s about building relationships based on respect and trust with our clients and our wider team of tradespeople and suppliers. Most importantly, it’s about open and frank discussions with everybody we deal with.

Always Striving For Excellence

Striving for excellence is about our commitment to quality assurance in everything we do. We understand the journey of building your home involves a range of tradespeople and suppliers – each, a critical link in the value-add chain. That’s why we are pedantic about ensuring that the people we partner with share

Always Accountable

We recognise that building homes is a huge responsibility. Accordingly, were absolutely dedicated to fulfilling our agreements. No ducking of obligations or dodging of commitments - just delivery to a promise.

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